Women Drape 3/4 Sleeve Blouse Maroon/Navy (S)
$35 Sold

Unique Clothes Drape 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt Blouse is produced in a handful of color combinations based. Elegant, flowing drape with a textured twill weave material. Clean and casual. Standard fit for women's size small (33–35in bust). 100% Polyester.

The Unique Clothes are based on clothing purchasable at UNIQLO. Originally founded in 1984 as "Unique Clothing Warehouse," an administrative error caused the firm to be registered not as UNICLO but instead as UNIQLO. Since then, the fast retail, fast fashion company has gone on to produce clothing that is anything but unique. In fact, mass production and mechanization has perhaps led to a new definition of the term unique. stubio is interested in perusing UNIQLO's various wares and creating clothing that is perhaps, somewhat unique.